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Who is Max Alexander?

Max Alexander, the powerhouse of Hard Dance, weaves sonic tales that transcend the ordinary. As a Singer-Songwriter, he dominates the stage with raw intensity and a voice that echoes through the realms of Hard Dance, enriched by the grit of his rock and metal roots. Armed with a guitar, he unleashes thunderous melodies, fusing the primal energy of rock with the pulsating beats of Hard Dance.

Max's musical odyssey is fueled by an unyielding passion for space, an obsession that seeps into the cosmic fabric of his compositions. Drawing inspiration from the titans of sound, Muse, Linkin Park and Hans Zimmer, he crafts anthems that reverberate with celestial echoes, creating a sonic universe uniquely his own.

With classical music coursing through his veins, Max masterfully integrates classical influences into his work, elevating the genre to new heights. His vocals, a tempest of highs and lows, deliver a commanding presence, echoing the greats who paved the way before him. His music is a fusion of power and elegance, a sonic journey that transcends boundaries and propels listeners into the vast expanse of his musical cosmos. Max Alexander, a force to be reckoned with in the Hard Dance universe, where every note is a declaration of unbridled passion and cosmic exploration.

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Songwriting Projects

Projects i worked with:

- Sub Zero Project

- Sefa

- Radical Redemption

- B-Front

- Ran-D

- Phuturenoize

- Frequencerz

- Harddriver

B-Front @ WISH

Together with my friend B-Front we decided to do a premiere of our upcoming song "Surrounded" live at Wish Outdoor.

Max's EP Album


The 4 songs of the new EP "Tijdsgeest".

Drift away when listening to the "Alternative Space Rock" inspired by Muse, Hans Zimmer & Pink Floyd with Dutch lyrics. The music takes you to another dimension with synthesizers spinning around you and distortion guitars coming at you.

The music was mixed in Dolby Atmos together with JonathanHendrickx to give an extra experience to the "Psychedelic Rock". When you hear the musical journey through a HiFi headset you will be floating on another level of existence.



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