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Max's EP Album


The 4 songs of the new EP "Tijdsgeest".

Drift away when listening to the "Alternative Space Rock" inspired by Muse, Hans Zimmer & Pink Floyd with Dutch lyrics. The music takes you to another dimension with synthesizers spinning around you and distortion guitars coming at you.

The music was mixed in Dolby Atmos together with JonathanHendrickx to give an extra experience to the "Psychedelic Rock". When you hear the musical journey through a HiFi headset you will be floating on another level of existence.

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Who is Max Alexander?

Max Alexander's “Alternative Space Rock” is the only Dutch-language alternative for fans of Muse, Hans Zimmer and Pink Floyd. It shows you a way of the Netherlands where the synthesizers are flying through the sky and the tearing guitar parts pull you away from time and space. With his fascination for Space & Planets, Max Alexander stepped away from the fashion industry and his own men's label to translate his extroverted way of thinking into his deepest passion; Music. The fascination for non-earthly and atypical existence can also be heard in classical vocal performances, chord progressions and the melodic riffs that characterize the music. With a philosophical view and writing style, he brings many social issues to the here and now.


Max writes and sings for big names in the Hard Dance Industry. He collaborates with artists such as Sub Zero Project, B-Front & Ran-D. The streams together already exceed 6 Million and that is not the end of its own universe under construction!

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Songwriting Projects

Projects i worked with:

- Sub Zero Project

- B-Front

- Ran-D

- Frequencerz

- Harddriver

B-Front @ WISH

Together with my friend B-Front we decided to do a premiere of our upcoming song "Surrounded" live at Wish Outdoor.



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